Creative London: Trevor Pickett

Trevor Pickett  1

We caught up with Trevor Pickett, owner of Pickett, to hear more about his love for his brand and what parts of London he adores. 

1. For our readers who aren’t familiar with Pickett, can you tell us about the company?
As firm advocates of the British leather goods industry, we take great care to produce ranges with small specialist workshops and individual craftsmen, some of whom we have worked with for almost 30 years. Quietly exclusive and with a longstanding ethos to provide luxury leather goods that are handmade in England from start to finish, everything about Pickett represents the unique character of artisanal luxury. Having launched Pickett in 1988 the brand has continued to grow and we are proud to remain a purveyor of leather goods and fine accessories.  

I started work in luxury retail at a leather company in the Burlington Arcade at the age of 16. After eight years, I bought the business to create Pickett. With over three decades of experience within the industry, I, together with my brilliant team, have developed the brand into one now known for exquisite gifts. Having moved from the Burlington Arcade in March 2015, and expanding the Sloane Street location, Pickett has entered a new era. In our Burlington Gardens store, located at the end of Savile Row, you’ll find a winding warren of rooms, reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. There is an ability to showcase the products using the added space, in both stores, so the pieces have room to breathe. All the elements of our retail approach are focused on giving the customer an experience and we hope it’s memorable and original, remaining authentic in our service and quality of our product. 

2. What excites you about the current range?

Following our move to Burlington Gardens, and with the extra space, we are now adding lots of new and exciting lines. The new location has brought new beginnings and so we have rejuvenated our product offering, starting with a story of wheelie bags and soft supple leather luggage, which I refer to as our “sporty collection”. The roll-up garment bag that doubles up as a holdall is definitely a travel essential. There is a traditional luxury suitcase on wheels and the classic Pickett canvas is also available. Initially, we had delayed the introduction of wheeled bags as we always strive to sell products that are repairable, within reason. Now, with the right materials, the range has the Pickett criteria of being repairable, durable and dependable.

3. Any exciting plans for the future?

The evolution of the collection is always exciting and I’m continuously looking for new product. With the expansion of Sloane Street and having established ourselves on Burlington Gardens, who knows what bright future is around the corner for us. There are always options . Hold tight!
4. Best piece of advice you have been given? 

Streamline and keep an eye on your costs. Get non-executive Directors with outside business experience but empathy to the retail trade.  
5. Favourite places to hang out in London?

Tate Modern & Britain , Café Zedel (for a fun supper with a friend), J.Sheekey, (post-theatre) and The Queensbury Room in my store on Burlington Gardens (a perfect space for entertaining friends). Theatre land or any Curzon cinema.
6. What would your ideal Sunday be? 

Get up late, head to Baker and Spice café around the corner for a simple croissant. If I’m in the mood for something more extravagant and there’s a reason to celebrate then it would have to be breakfast at Claridges. It’s the perfect place to take the time to enjoy immaculate service and soak up the impressive style . Then I would wander off to an exhibition in any of London’s galleries and museums. Ideally, I’d visit two art galleries, one showing traditional and one showing contemporary. I adore the Royal Academy, The National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, V&A  and the Tate (of course) as it’s sometimes best to see the diversity rather than a rich helping of one genre. Liking all genres of art, I will just find a show that’s on and inspires me and fits my mood. I’d then find a lunchtime drink somewhere, perhaps a cocktail bar or have G&T drink outside Sheekeys, followed by some specific shopping (not browsing). Being with friends and having a good late Sunday lunch is always a pleasure – cold roast chicken in summer with a simple green salad and new potatoes and, in winter, roast chicken with roast potatoes or buttery mash, roasted vegetables and of course peas. Come the evening I’d find a feel good factor film to watch or simply snuggle up in bed.


Address: 10-12 Burlington Gardens,
London W1S 3EY