Magnum Pleasure Store

Last year’s Magnum Pleasure Store in Covent Garden was an absolute hit. It was a three hour wait when I tried to get in. Thankfully, Magnum Pleasure Store is back this year in a new location (South Molton Street just off Oxford Street near Bond Street station) and the wait is not as long. The store will be open until September 16th where customers can enjoy deliciously decorated chocolate Magnums created individually just for them.


The hard part of entering the Magnum Pleasure Store is having to decide what your magnum creation is going to be. There are so many different flavour combinations to choose from with toppings consisting of Blackberry Crunch, Marble Chocolate, Rose Petals, Pistachios, Hazelnuts, Black Lava Sea Salt… the list is extensive. Thankfully staff have some inside knowledge on what the best flavour combinations are and are only too happy to help you choose three toppings to create your masterpiece.


I carefully chose Blackberry Crunch, Pistachios and Meringue with a dash of Black Lava Sea Salt (the suggestion of the helpful staff member) as my toppings. The next step was choosing between vanilla or chocolate Magnum ice cream and between milk, white or dark chocolate covering. I chose vanilla ice cream, milk Chocolate with a drizzle of white chocolate. Each individual creation is then completed with the finishing touch; a classic M coin decoration. My cousin and I aren’t as talented as the staff who work in the Magnum Pleasure Store but it was such fun being taken behind the scenes and getting to try my hand at making these beautiful Magnums. They are so pretty, they almost look too good to eat. I said almost because there was no way I was leaving the store without eating this gorgeous Magnum. It was amazing. The hint of Black Lava Sea Salt was a perfect contrast to the sweetness of the chocolate, ice cream and Blackberry Crunch.


So before September 1st make sure you head down to the Magnum Pleasure Store and staff will happily make a magical creation for you that is instantly instagrammable, all from the low price of £4.50.
Reporter: Tegan LeBon
Twitter/Instagram – @Toogs1


Magnum Pleasure Store

56A South Molton St,

London W1K 5SH


Instagram: #magnumldn

Twitter: @MagnumUK