Doughnut Time’s Easter Box

We’re throwing away the rule book and instead of eating chocolate Easter eggs this year, we’re going for the Easter doughnuts at Doughnut Time. If you’re wondering why, I’ll tel you why, these doughnuts are flipping good and pretty addictive may I add.

Doughnut Time specialises in hand dipped doughnuts, and designed for the gram! They use locally sourced ingredients to make, glaze and fill. The Easter 4 pack has been designed to cater for all your sweet-tooth needs.

If you love a chocolate filling, then opt for the ‘Struck by a smooth caramel’ (the one with the caramel egg on top) and the ‘Egg Sheerran’ (the pink one with mini eggs on top) the extra chocolate inside makes theses doughnuts delightfully sweet. If you miss biting into an Easter egg then the The ‘Yolk addict’ is a good choice, a milk chocolate glaze doughnut, topped with cream glaze and a Cadbury creme egg. ‘Tease me baby’ the chocolate glaze doughnut comes with a Malteser bunny, topped with confetti sprinkles to give you an added treat. These guys have certainly thought of it all.

Word has it they will be launching Doughnut academy soon, where you will get the chance to customise your own doughnuts. Keep your eyes peeled!

You can pick up a box in any of their branches below or via deliveroo

Shaftesbury Avenue | Shoreditch | Notting Hill

The 4-pack, is available in all three Doughnut Time stores until Wednesday 4th April 2018, priced at £18


Photo by Nyla Sammons