En Vogue: Interview


If you could put their iconic music style, signature looks and epic vocal harmonies into a cocktail, there’s no guessing that blend could only give us the legendary En Vogue. Best known for creating some of the most memorable hits of the 90’s and having evolved as a group, En Vogue are back on a hotly anticipated tour coming to London on 7th of April 2017. At their show at KoKo in Camden the group will be bringing us an eclectic mix of both classic and new tracks and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.


I caught up with Cindy Herron Braggs, co-founder of this Top 5 highest selling female group in history and here’s what she had to tell me about what helped to create a girl group that has stood the test of time and what to expect from their tour.


How does it feel going back on tour again?

It’s exciting because although we have never stopped performing and doing shows, we keep it fresh by adding new material to our shows and bringing out new music that our fans love. This tour is especially special because we have a new album coming out soon, so will be introducing at least one of songs and we’re looking forwards to debuting the new track on tour.


How do you handle nerves before a show?

I guess because we’ve been performing for so long now, I don’t really get too nervous, but I think it’s really important to take care of yourself as a performer. Making sure you’re getting good exercise and as much sleep as you can and to eat healthy. That’s what allows us to be strong for our shows and adjust well to different time zones and still have the energy to give an amazing show. I also think balance is key, I generally don’t like to be away from my family for longer than two weeks and make sure I get the balance right between being a mum of four, wife and a performer.


Your songs have and continue to empower and inspire so many women, what do you feel women can do to support each other?

We have to continue to make time to celebrate and recognise each other. It was so beautiful to see the worldwide celebration of International Women’s Day encouraging women to take time out to acknowledge each other. It puts it in not only our minds but in the minds of the world, how powerful it is when women stand together and have each other’s backs, no matter what walks of life or socio-economic background we come from. In my opinion, the bond needs to be more personal and not just on social media but remember to celebrate each other in person.


How do feel En Vogue keep the bond between the group?

We travel together and we make sure we enjoy each other’s company when we are on the road. We’ll go out and get a bite to eat together when we’re on tour and make a conscious effort to spend good time together.


What do you think is the recipe for a girl group that stands the test of time?

It’s an achievement for girl groups to stand the test of time and it can take a while because from my experience young females take time to figure out who they are individually. So when, you get a group of talented girls you have to learn how to embrace and accept other talented girls. Knowing when to pull back and allow another person to take the lead, respecting each other and understanding that you just don’t live in the moment and you have to set long term goals as a unit.


Who are some of your favourite girl groups at the moment?

I am a big fan of June’s Diary. I like the chemistry between all of their personalities and their vocal chemistry together.


What are some of the exciting things you can share with us about your show at KoKo In Camden on the 7th of April 2017?

We have an exciting new album coming out in Summer called Electric Café so our fans will be sure to hear at least one of the new tracks of our album so you’ll have to come to see what other amazing things happen in the show.


With songs that are still very relevant with their timeless messages that are guaranteed to get you up out your seat and give you the most beautiful chills because they are filled with so much emotion make sure to catch En Vogue at Koko in Camden on April 7th and Manchester Academy on the 8th April.


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