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Enter into the magical world of Wands & Wizard Exploratorium And Discover Magical Window Displays

The inventive duo behind Greek Street’s Wands & Wizard Exploratorium has launched magic wand-controlled interactive window displays, bringing a sense of adventure and excitement back into the streets of the capital on Soho’s cobbled streets. A couple weeks ago we visited the Wands & Wizard Exploratorium for a sneak peak of what’s in store and tour itself. It was a super lovely way to start the day for my friend’s birthday.

As large Harry Potter fans ourselves, it felt like we were stepping into a shop from Diagon Alley and entering a magical world. The shops even has a unicorn head which gives you alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages.

Our tour guide, showed us how he made this immersive magical experience possible by custom designing, creating and installing the magic wand-controlled window displays using technology from its “magicineering” studio and Cauldron venues in London, Edinburgh and New York.

The gorgeous window displays feature everything from a glowing nest of dragon eggs to pulsing thunderclouds and sparkling rainbows, each activated with an IoT magic wand. No matter your age, they’re sure to bring out your inner wizard!

The first two participating venues are the Wands & Wizard Exploratorium on Greek Street and House of Spells on Shaftesbury Avenue, both of which celebrate fantasy, diversity, and imagination. The windows will form part of a walking tour of Soho in partnership with Mermaids featuring highlights of the queer history in and around London’s most vibrant LGBTQ+ district. The self-guided outdoor tour will be contactless and COVID-safe, taking visitors on a magical journey through Soho’s winding streets. Participants will be able to purchase a Magical Map and borrow or buy a magic wand, which can be used to cast spells and trigger the interactive window displays when pointed at the “Cog & Wand” symbol.  Maps, wands, and charity t-shirts are available online or from The Wands & Wizard Exploratorium in Soho, and all profits from the Magical Map and t-shirt sales will go to Mermaids, a leading UK charity in support of transgender and gender diverse children, young people and their families.  


The wand-interactive displays and walking tour aims to educate visitors about the ‘unsung heroes’ in the Trans, Gender-diverse and Queer Communities, and each collaborating venue will pledge itself as a Safe Space for trans people. Every month, as part of the wand window activations and walking tour, the business will celebrate a different ‘unsung hero’ in the Queer Community as part of the ‘Magic is for Everyone’ campaign.  The business is calling on its customers to go online and nominate a person who inspired them as an ‘unsung hero.’ Additionally, for venues in London and elsewhere that want to register as a Safe Space, be included on the Magical Map, and receive a custom-designed, magic wand-activated window display to get in touch. There is no cost for businesses to participate. 

The Wands & Wizard Exploratorium’s parent company, The Cauldron Co., has also just launched a crowdfunded investment campaign, Equity For Magic, raising investment to help the business expand its fantastical, make-believe immersive experiences to more people. To find out more, become a shareholder and help the business breathe a bit more magic into the world, visit

The Wand and Wizard’s Exploratorium’s wand-controlled window display walking tour is live and can be booked online at or in person at the Wizard Exploratorium at 26 Greek Street, W1D 5DE.  Anyone who purchases a map will also receive at least 10% off in all participating shops!

As part of our tour on the day we also got a sneak peak at the full interior of the shop and some of the upcoming experiences which are sure to spellbound you. An interactive wand making class where you can personalise your own magic wand, a magic based cocktail class, a magical afternoon tea and a secret garden room. It really is going to be the place to be when things open up. 

The awesome 1 hour 45 minute magic-based cocktail class experience has already opened and will immerse participants in a world of fantasy, molecular mixology and science, and will feature the same elements you can expect in their venues around the world. 

Socially distanced and Covid-friendly, visitors will also be able to take a sneak peek at the new super-secret venues which will be opening in June, which are set to be the next big immersive concept in food and drink. 

When: Thursday 29th April – Sunday 16th May

Where: 177 Hoxton Street, London and 26 Greek Street, Soho, London

Price: Off-Peak £30.99, Peak £35.99 (includes 3 drinks)

To book:


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