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Food Diary: Bob Bob Ricard


It is yet another evening where I drag my “Mrs” and we end up at the infamous Bob Bob Ricard in Piccadilly, London. It will surely only be a matter of time before she realises that I’m not actually romantic and wish to simply wine and dine her at these amazing restaurants but it is solely because I’m greedy, inquisitive and I am totally passionate about trying and tasting new cuisines and dishes and need a companion to cover up the sheer fact that I’m so gluttonous.

Bob Bob Ricard is a Russian restaurant which has been around for less than 4 years. It has a wide range of dishes on its menu that all sound entirely tantalising.

Champagne Button

On each table there is a button which reads ‘Press For Champagne’ even if you don’t have the intention of ordering champagne it is so very tempting to press…obviously being so inquisitive the button was pressed by myself forcing me to order champagne to cover the embarrassment of the rapid and attentive response to the button being pressed.

Below I have highlighted the dishes I opted for at Bob Bob Ricard;

3 Cheese Soufflé

Three Cheese Souffle
Three Cheese Souffle

Admittedly the first time trying soufflé and I’m glad I opted for this as a starter as it was cooked to perfection. It was light and fluffy and beautiful in texture. As it was a 3 cheese soufflé you can imagine it was very cheesy including the rich flavours of Goat’s cheese, Parmesan and Stilton this is only recommended for those who are big fans of cheese.

Avocado and Crab Salad

Avocado & Crab Salad
Avocado & Crab Salad

I wasn’t really a big fan of fish and season food a couple of year’s back, but now I’m all for trying sea food dishes. The avocado and crab salad worked well together in texture and flavour. A very simple dish yet all flavours from the cress, the avocado, crab meat and cherry tomatoes were married together so well. This is another dish that is either or, with some people favouring it where others may not be big fans.

Lamb Medallions with Mint and Mustard Crust

Lamb Medallions with Mint & Mustard Crust
Lamb Medallions with Mint & Mustard Crust

Hands down, the most succulent and flavoursome piece of lamb I’ve ever tasted. It was lovely in texture and cooked perfectly. The mint and mustard crust was also delightful and worked so well with the lamb. This is highly recommended and is guaranteed to satisfy.

Lobster Macaroni and Cheese

Lobster with Macaroni & Cheese
Lobster with Macaroni & Cheese

Showing my greed, this dish is in fact a main but as I was so curious to see exactly how this tasted I decided to order this dish. The combination of soft lobster meat and cheese and pasta works so well even though an Italian will tell you that seafood and cheese should NEVER be mixed!

The distinctive taste of the lobster and the traditional macaroni recipe surprisingly worked so well and it is said to be one of the most ordered dishes at Bob Bob Ricard alongside the Beef Wellington (which I decided against). I would recommend this dish as it is very more-ish even though it is rich in taste. As it is rather generous is size, it would be highly advisable to share with someone if possible.

Golden Ball (Chocolate Desert)

Golden Ball
Golden Ball

I-N-C-R-E-D-I-A-B-L-E that’s all I can say in regards to this dish! The picture speaks for itself however be warned this is ultra chocolaty but every bit is amazing. Do I recommend this…Hell Yeah!

Eaton Mess Ball

Eaton Mess
Eaton Mess

If you are not a chocolate fan, this desert option is probably more advisable. The outer shell is in-fact the meringue featured in a traditional Eaton mess with cream, and an assortment of berries inside. This is yet another highly recommended dish to try at Bob Bob Ricard.

Need I say anymore? The photographs depict how amazing the food is at this restaurant. What I will say is this restaurant offers amazing food experience from start to finish. The decor, the food, drink and the magic champagne button completes a perfect dining experience. Bob Bob Ricard is highly recommended for an intimate meal, or for a business meeting; might not be the best option for a large group of friends.


Bob Bob Ricard,

1 Upper James St,


London W1F 9DF



020 3145 1000

By Riccardo McMillan-Wright

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