Gymbox GAINS Class Review

As a girl who lifts and a bona fide swole sister, when the opportunity came up to review, GAINS, one of the latest additions on the Gymbox Class roster I jumped at the chance.  Gains are a term thrown around in the weight lifting world as a quick way of explaining that muscle growth is in da house. As you can imagine just the name of the class peaked my curiosity.  For those of you that have tried things like body pump, I need to tell you it is nothing like that haha.


GAINS is 45 mins of hardcore, high weight and medium to low repetition exercises.  The aim of the GAINS game; work those muscles to complete exhaustion – just how I like it!  We were paired off with a weightlifting buddy in order to encourage and support the build up to beastmode! Exercises included classics like squats (a booty’s best friend), triple set lunges (boom!), and dead lifts. What class would be complete without finishing us off will a gruelling ab set?  There were grunts and groans (a sure sign that the GAINS train is reaching beastmode haha) coming from the beautifully mixed class of men and women of all ages and abilities. Can you tell I like to lift weights?

Weight training is a must for rapid and sustained weight loss and is an awesome way of sculpting. GAINS is perfect for those new to weight lifting or those experienced lifters that are feeling a little alone during there workouts (break out the violins).  So go on take a ride on the GAINS train, I promise you will not be disappointed



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