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Hot Stone Massage Review

When our bodies cry out for a little attention from all the aches and pains, we tend to book ourselves a massage. Usually the gentle Swedish type, and yes you may think there is nothing wrong with that, after all that was my option, until I tried out a hot stone massage last week. My oh my, what a treat it was!

I visited the Beauty & Melody Spa at The Montcalm Royal London house. The spa is located downstairs, once inside the spa, I received a warm greeting and was kindly shown to my room. So hot stones placed on my back… I must say I was a little nervous at first and I asked the therapist if it would hurt. I can only imagine how many first-timers have asked that in the past…

The hot stones, which I was told were from India, were placed in a line along my spine. They are believed to relax the muscles and help open the body’s energy pathways. The therapist gently rubbed two stones into my muscles on both sides of my legs, and then placed little stones in-between my toes. Before she even got to my toes, I could feel myself getting very relaxed and we were only 20mins into the session. I was starting to drift off into a dreamy state and any worries I had were soon forgotten. My back was massaged with nicely oiled hot stones and it felt incredibly relaxing, honestly why hadn’t I tried this before? There is no going back now!

A hot stone massage will relax the body’s muscles and soft tissues, boost circulation. alleviate pain, and recharge energy levels. Having regular treatments will reduce stress, increase relaxation, reduce back pain and help with insomnia and depression. After my treatment I joked about nearly falling asleep and the therapist laughed and said you did fall asleep. I can only hope I didn’t let out a loud snore. It was incredible and I felt complete trust in my therapist’s hands. No stone was too hot and the applied massage pressure was perfect. Which is always a little worry of mines, as my body can be very stiff and will ache easily from strong applied pressure.

Now I wasn’t aware of the swimming pool and sauna at the spa, and was told this was free for me to use. It’s a pretty sweet set-up, so I would suggest you pack your bikini before your leave the house.

There are a few Beauty and Melody Spas in London, of course I will be bias and say you must head over to this one if you decide on getting a hot stone massage. Not only did I feel very relaxed and energised, but I felt like I was now a part of the Hot Stone Massage club!


The Montcalm Royal London House
Beauty & Melody Spa
22-25 Finsbury Square

Written by Nyla S.