Secret Cinema: Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Is Out Of This World!

Secret Cinema is such a huge icon in London and last night I ventured to my third experience of the year. All for Guardians Of The Galaxy! Now I’m a huge fan of marvel and this franchise, but my friend had never seen a single film. How are we friends you ask? Don’t worry her initiation was one she won’t forget and I did make her watch the first film before we headed to the secret location. 

Never missing a chance to dress up, we doned our best Ravanger gear and we were ready transported on a cosmic adventure. Note to others, you will be judged if you don’t dress up and you’ll stand out more. 

We were the Dark Star Bandits and we were ready to forge alliances, dodge the Nova Corps and set off on an action-packed adventure in search of galactic riches and interplanetary fame.

With an awesome mixtape of funk and mischief, eye-popping space spectacle galore, guests  can enjoy the thrills of Contraxia, brave the dangers of the Kyln and then hustle, smuggle and bribe your way round, in a quest on the lawless planet of Knowhere. I really don’t want to spoil too much… especially as Secret is in the name but will say, if you’re going to Secret Cinema…. Get involved. Talk to characters, sing, participate in the challenges and above all have fun! We certainly did. My friend couldn’t stop explaining all night how wonderful it was and she was happy to get involved throughout. Even remembering to go back and do different challenges that I’d not seen.

There is glory to be won, legends to be made, and a universe to be saved. So what are you waiting for! Get your tickets now! Especially as no expense has been spared creating this experience. It’s unforgettable and I already want to go again!

Tickets to Secret Cinema presents Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy – The Live Immersive Experience are one sale Prices start at £59 + booking fee for the full experience culminating in the screening of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, or for the first time Secret Cinema will be offering an ‘immersive ticket’ option, starting from £47 + booking fee. Premium tickets will also be available, offering guests exclusive additional access to hidden storylines and exclusive areas. Premium ticket prices start at £98 + booking fee.

Written by Tegan LeBon