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How to work Florals This Summer


You’d think that being faced with a landslide of bloom prints every single summer would mean we’re ready to grab the weed killer and swear off botanicals for but you can turn the most classic spring trend on its head .Celebrate  spring/summer  with some colour and a pattern that reminds you of the warmer days to come.

As Miranda Priestly famously told us, there is” nothing ground breaking about florals for spring” That doesn’t mean that they aren’t ALWAYS a spring trend, though and doesn’t mean that we are going to stop loving them any time soon. Take inspiration from my floral looks below and have a little more fun with your florals this season!

Here are some pointers:-

1)     Mix It Up: try pairing one floral with another. Using base colours like black and white

2)     Florals and Stripes: With a fun floral, a classic stripe is totally considered a neutral. If you’re not ready to go full head-to-toe print

3)     Head-to-Toe: For the more seasoned floral girl among us, go bold and wear the print top to bottom.

By Fashion Frankie