Is this London’s most fun Bottomless Brunch?

Get ready to get on down at The Palm House, Victoria

Ah bottomless brunches. The epitome of a Saturday afternoon in London. Since its inception, bottomless brunches have taken the capital by storm and are often a regular weekend occurrence, a place for one to truly let their hair down. So, have I just found the most fun bottomless brunch in the city?

Nestled in Victoria, of all places, you will find The Palm House. From the outside, it looks nondescript. Tame even. But, as soon as that front door opens, you’re hit with a level of bass and music volume, that you weren’t even truly sure existed on this planet.

Decorated like a sunny paradise island, guests are invited to escape the hustle and bustle of Victoria and step into the vacation-like scene at The Palm House! On Saturdays, the venue offers a three-course brunch, free flowing drinks and non-stop party tunes for just £55.00 per person.

The fiesta kicks off with a sharing starter of Nachos, complemented with toppings of tomato salsa, guacamole, sour cream, nacho cheese and pickled pink onions. Choices of mains include Eggs Royale, Benedict, Florentine, the Palm House Cheeseburger, or the Plant Burger. Wanting to line one’s stomach before bottomless bubbles, we both went for the cheeseburger, which was served smash-style and was actually super delicious! A pleasant surprise as bottomless brunches aren’t often pegged for the deliciousness of the food.

It’s not only the booze that is bottomless either, in fact there is a bottomless dessert to follow of churros, accompanied by dulce de leche & chocolate dipping sauces.

In terms of drinks, guests can choose from Absolute Wild Berri Punch, bubbles or beer. In the background, prepare to be entertained with performances from a live saxophonist and percussionists, as they join the party and make it a disco for all.

And a disco it truly was! It’s not often we have seen so many people on their feet and dropping down to boogie at 2pm in the afternoon, but if that is your vibe, then the bottomless fiesta at Palm House is the spot for you.

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