Jamie’s Italian New Coffee Menu in association with Caffé Kimbo

Jamie's Italian Piccadilly Circus

Three floors above the hustle and bustle of Piccadilly Circus lies the roof garden of Jamie’s Italian. It’s a small but thoughtfully arranged space that does a really good job of transporting you away from the London grind and offering up in it’s place a dose of Italian café culture crossed with English garden party aesthetics.

Jamie's Italian Kimbo Coffee Machine and New Menu

I was invited along to Jamie’s Italian in Piccadilly Circus to celebrate the chain’s new coffee menu – which is now being introduced across all their restaurants. The menu is the result of Jamie Oliver’s six month search for the best classic Neapolitan-style espresso, with the final choice being authentic Italian-made coffee from a company called Kimbo.

Jamie's Italian Kimbo Espresso ItalianoAs a brand Kimbo began in Naples and since the 1950’s the brand has grown into a great Italian success story. Since 1994, Caffé Kimbo have held second place in the Italian retail market for packaged coffee, and today they’re present in over 40 countries.

Jamie's Italian New Kimbo Coffee Menu

The specialty of Jamie’s Italian’s new coffee menu is the espresso, which has a strong and distinctive taste. I tried it out for myself and really enjoyed the powerful and aromatic flavour. Alongside the espresso, the menu also includes a wide selection of other coffees including variations with milk (macchiato, cappuccino and latte) as well as other speciality coffees. These speciality coffees include caffé coretto (with amaretto and cream), caffé marocchino (with chocolate and frothy milk) and caffé sheckerato (fresh espresso shaken up with ice and sugar syrup).

Jamie's Italian Desert Board

The collaboration between Kimbo and Jamie’s Italian seems like it will be very successful. The coffee menu is also a welcome addition to what Jamie’s Italian Restaurants already offer, satisfying a thirst for great Italian coffee and providing a range of drinks which compliment the available deserts. The coffee menu is already available in 5 of Jamie’s Italian Restaurants and will shortly become available in many more.

Jamie’s Italian, Piccadilly
17-19 Denman Street

Reporter: Angelica Pomroy