Japanese dining restaurant Ginza Onodera stuns St James’s

Right in the heart of Mayfair sits Ginza Onodera’s latest venture and we couldn’t be more buzzed about it. From the main branch in Ginza, Tokyo, this franchise is spreading all over the world – they have more restaurants in Paris, New York, LA and Hawaii.

We highly recommend their new sleek, high-end cocktail bar above their restaurant and were amazed by some of the cocktail concoctions created before our eyes. The ‘Samurai Tai’ is a brilliant spin on the Mai-Tai. Mai-Tai lovers you heard it here first. The ‘Lima Raba’ is like a plumy twist on the Moscow Mule cocktail (pisco makes a perfect base for this). The ‘Flawless Manhatten’ is a must try cocktail if you are a Manhattan lover. If champagne is more your thing the ’15 Bury Royal’ champagne cocktail is a popular choice amongst the suave regulars. It’s made with a Cognac based raspberry liqueur stirred with black cherry infused Montepulciano d’Abruzzo red wine and topped up with Champagne. The presentation of their cocktails is top level. Artistic to be more precise. Many people say Sake is the king of all medicine but these cocktails also felt very medicinal..

To accompany our luxury cocktails we tried a selection of kobachi dishes including the salmon tatami, the seaweed salad, the black kanpachi carpaccio, the crunchy spicy prawn rolls and our personal favourite, the Karaage fried chicken. This was so worth waiting for.

This restaurant is achieving in introducing the wonderful Japanese traditions to the world by presenting their cuisine in its most original style and expanding and sharing real, authentic food with its customers. Their attention to detail is off the scale. They have private rooms for rental for meetings also. We approve.



Written by Julia Nelson