London’s ultimate fried chicken adventure
2 days. 8 Traders. 1 Bucket

With all the amazing chicken coming out of London’s street food scene, it can sometimes seem like a battle just trying to decide where to go to get it. Roasted or fried? Jerked or Honey glazed? Leg or Thigh? There are so many delicious choices, all doted across the vast streets of London. Well street food innovators KERB have identified this massive first world problem and found a tasty solution… Introducing, the bucket list!

This chicken centric event will be taking the top names from the chicken street food scene and putting them all in one succulent area, so you can have your pick without traipsing across London to do so. Tickets start at just £20 and entitles the holder to 8 portions of chicken and an alcoholic drink so you can literally have it all instead of undertaking the impossible task of choosing which chicken trader to go with. Genius right?

Friday 5th May (Evening Session) – 6pm – 11pm
Saturday 6th May (Lunch Session) – 12pm – 5pm
Saturday 6th May (Evening Session) – 6pm – 11pm

West Handyside Canopy
King’s Cross


Written by Jordan Crowley