Demystifying CBD is paramount for multi-award winning Kolibri Drinks, addressing a way to find calm in the chaos in current, challenging times. Kolibri bring the UK’s first CBD-infused alcohol-free drinks to the mainstream using the highest quality ‘supreme CBD available. Launching with Dark Forest and Citrus Grove flavours, the drinks empower people to create their own bespoke experiences using the patented ‘micro-dosing’ Smart Cap, a revolutionary new way of thinking and drinking, tailored by you.
In 2019 Kolibri Drinks won the UK’s most awarded drinks brand with their inaugural Botanical Infusions range complete with Smart Cap technology. Ever the innovator, co-founder Kamilla Sitwell, leading beverage industry expert and author, sensed a need for an adult non-alcoholic drink that could help address the need to unwind and de-stress instead of reaching for alcohol 

With the no and low abv category experiencing exponential growth (up 44% from 2018-2020), consumers and retailers alike are actively seeking lighter drinks. This trend combined with current drinking habits   (8.6 million adults are drinking more frequently during lockdown) and an awareness of alcohol’s negative effects on mental health it is now more poignant than ever to offer credible alternatives.  

The Kolibri CBD drinks range contains 20mg of supreme CBD encased in a air-tight, lightproof cap and comes in two enticing flavours: 
  • Dark Forest – a red blend, medium-bodied, fruity and refreshing with flavours of pomegranate, blueberry and wood-smoke.  
  • Citrus Grove – a rose blend, full-bodied, rich and zesty, with flavours of tangerine marmalade, green apple, bittersweet herbs.  
Kamila Sitwell founder of Kolibri Drinks says: Kolibri CBD  was created to excite  mindful consumers – the flavour-seeking friends who are either choosing to cut back on alcohol or and those who are already enjoying the CBD experience but not its current formats of tinctures and pills . We champion choice and control through customisation in all of our product ranges.  
With our latest CBD range, we’re simply building on this experience providing an exciting range that each individual can feel is uniquely their own with every sip. The benefits of separating the CBD from the drink not only gives the consumer control through our patented micro-dosage cap, but it preserves the potency of the CBD so that consumers experience its full potential.”