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Live sculpture painting and art installation at Boxpark – Shoreditch

The unstableness of the last year has seen many business, entrepreneurs and creative’s tap into the power of co-creation and collaboration to help them adapt and become more innovative in this changing and unpredictable climate.

Art lovers have appreciated staying connected with digital innovation bringing us virtual art exhibitions, galleries and tour. However, there is a deeper satisfaction and feeling experienced being up close and personal to an object/art piece, the intimacy, seeing the fine detailing, the colour palette, the tactile nature of the different mediums, awakening our emotions and challenging our thoughts, whilst connecting with the artist and others in a shared space.

Box Park’s creative hub is a place that showcases and gives a platform to emerging brands, and innovators and is a fitting location to launch a project that supports and brings together ten emerging artists giving them the opportunity to connect and co-create art together. In collaboration with Vuse, Vaping brand*, Boxpark Shoreditch will be unveiling a live interactive sculpture painting event with two of the artists Jess Wilson and Mona Sharif on Saturday 24th July, followed by an innovative 10 day large scale outdoor art pop up installation featuring three multi-dimensional sculptures, reflecting the Vuse signature branding, which will then be turned into a canvas displaying the artists striking works.

Championing the idea that when different minds come together creativity flourishes, the talented creatives were partnered with artists of different but complementary styles. The artist pairs included: Ben Wills and Meg Wilford; David Oku and Scott Balmer; James Christopher and Decoy; Lois O’Hara and Will Da Costa; Jess Wilson and Mona Sharif.

The artists were encouraged to merge their ideas, techniques and styles to create unique artworks that showcase how collaboration can fuel creativity, whilst spreading the positive message that creativity is stronger through working together. The artworks are currently on display on billboards nationwide.

*The project builds on Vuse’s commitment to support local creatives, following its ‘Be The Next’ campaign last Autumn, which also spotlighted emerging artists, showcasing their works and stories across the country.
Come together this weekend and see creativity and unity in motion, whilst learning more about the inspiration behind the artists collaborative art piece. 
When: Live art event from 5.30pm to 10.30pm on Saturday 24th of July, Free art installation Sunday 25th until Tuesday 3rd August. Minimum Age 18

Where: Boxpark Shoreditch 2-10 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6GY

Written by: Eboni Addoh

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