Lo Bros (, the living beverage brand on a mission to bring drinks to life with its unique range of innovative and vegan soft drinks, is launching Organic Gut Shots and Blueberry Lemonade CBD Kombucha. The products will retail on the functional drinks bay in Sainsbury’s stores nationwide.

These launches are part of Lo Bros’ accelerated growth strategy. The new product development will enable the brand to continue to tap into the post-Covid 19 demand for food and drink products with health and wellbeing benefits, as consumers in the UK are seeking drinks that deliver functional* benefits and now spend £20 billion a year on food and drink for health reasons1.

The delicious new Gut Shots are available in two editions, Fiery Ginger and Beet Boost (RRP £2.25 for a 60ml glass bottle). The Gut Shots have been created to help consumers incorporate living cultures into their daily routine.

Every bottle combines the benefits of kombucha and good bacteria with organic fruit and vegetable juice to create a living drink containing over a billion living cultures. Each shot provides a convenient dose of Bacillus Coagulans and kombucha to help restore the balance of intestinal flora and help look after the gut.

The Blueberry Lemonade CBD Kombucha is available in a 330ml glass bottle (RRP £2.75) and contains 15mg of active CBD. The drink combines these positive effects with the gut-balancing benefits that come from the living cultures in the kombucha, creating a delicious and refreshing product that can support overall wellbeing of the body and mind.

Gut Shots

The Gut Shots are available in the following editions:

  • Fiery Ginger: This zingy shot is perfect first thing in the morning to kick-start the day and is a go-to in the afternoon during the inevitable energy slump. Each bottle contains 25% organic ginger juice, 30% carrot juice, orange and lemon juice to complement the organic kombucha.
  • Beet Boost: Ideal to drink after a meal or post-workout. Each serve contains 30% organic beetroot juice, 20% turmeric juice and orange juice to complement the organic kombucha.

All of the juices used in the gut shots are organic and both flavour variants contain organic vegetable juice as well as fruit juice. They are vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free and do not contain anything artificial including flavours, colours or preservatives.

CBD Kombucha

Lo Bros Blueberry Lemonade CBD Kombucha is vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free. It is also non-alcoholic (<0.5% ABV) and, with its unique, complex flavour profile, it can be a perfect alternative to an alcoholic drink.

Lo Bros’ CBD is extracted from organically grown hemp and contains zero psychoactive compounds. Lo Bros Blueberry Lemonade CBD Kombucha contains just 2.8g sugar per 100ml. Sugar is an important part of the kombucha brewing process and Lo Bros leaves just a small amount of sugar in each bottle to ensure that it feeds the living cultures, keeping them healthy – a little keeps it alive inside! 

From September, Lo Bros Gut Shots are available in 60ml glass bottles (RRP £2.25) and the Lo Bros Blueberry Lemonade CBD is available in a 330ml glass bottle (RRP £2.75) in Sainsbury’s stores, on the functional drinks bay.

Find Lo Bros at:

Instagram: @lobroslivingdrinks