London Fields Brewery At Elrow Festival Review

For the first time ever, London Fields Brewery (LFB) was the official beer partner for Elrow Festival (18th and 19th of August 2018). We joined some of the LFB crew (including Dipak, Amy, Sandra and Head Brewer Talfryn) backstage to educate us on the wonders of their craft beer.

LFB was founded in 2011 and opened in Hackney as the first commercial brewery to open in the area since the 19th century. There’s quite an interesting story how the brewery first got started, so if you ever meet the team be sure to ask them about it. In 2017 LFB was acquired in a joint venture between well known beer brands Brooklyn Brewery and Carlsberg. Despite this, they continue to work autonomously as a stand alone business which allows them to continue to experiment and create small-batch beers in collaboration with other breweries and the local London Fields community.

The LFB team main ethos before and after being acquired by Brooklyn Brewery and Carlsberg  was to  produce high quality beers which were ‘balanced, drinkable and had a core line-up ‘brewed to style’ with a distinctive edge’. They definitely created this with the Hackney Hopster (a 4.2% ABV  pale ale with hints of grapefruit, lemon zest an gooseberry followed by a dry, fresh finish), the Broadway Boss Unfiltered ( a 4.6% ABV pilsner lager with classic Mittelfruh meets Lemondrop) and the 3 Weiss Monkeys (a 5% ABV wheat beer blending two styles (Hefeweizen and IPA) for a tropical boom of flavours including banana, citrus and spice). All these beers were available for festival goers to enjoy and the beers did seem to be going down a treat with others lucky enough to mingling back stage with us.

I won’t pretend to be a huge beer drinker, because I’m not but I did enjoy the 3 Weiss Monkeys. The fruity smell made the beer easier to drink and was really refreshing. Definitely the perfect beer to begin my journey into the world of craft beers.

Thanks to the London Fields Brewery, OnIn.London had a truly remarkable and unforgettable experience at Elrow Festival. We spent the day sitting in the sun, getting to learn about a great company, drinking excellent beverages and even got to party in the DJ Booth with Claptone and Idris Elba. I was also super chuffed that I was able to get selfie with Idris Elba.

We really do look forward to sharing with our readers what LFB have lined up in the future. They will be opening their new brew house in late 2018 which will allow the team to bring brewing back onsite and give Head Brewer Talfryn the blank canvas needed to create some inspiring craft beers. Keep an eye out this week on the site for upcoming LFB events that will have your taste buds smiling.

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Written by Tegan LeBon

Twitter and instagram: @toogs1