London (Hans) Solo Dining – Sorted!

So you’re flying Hans Solo and fancy some down time. Escaping the hustle and bustle of your everyday life buuut why not treat yourself to some top notch nosh in the process? It’s time to grab you bag, head out and do you know what? Order that extra glass of wine because you’ve earned it.


_MG_0006 (1)The kaiten (conveyor belt) counter at K10 Broadgate’s modern Japanese restaurant in the city is great for blending in if you don’t want to sit at a table all on your wotsy. Pull up a pew and pick up your favourite sashimi and sushi as it passes you by on the conveyor belt or order a selection of tempting hot dishes from the kitchen.


Wildflower Café

ExteriorIf you are looking for somewhere chillaxed then Wildflower Café is the place for you. Popular with writers looking for a big table, free WiFi and great coffee and cakes. The light, bright and airy room is filled with art and flowers – the perfect inspiration for curing writers block. Daily papers also provide a useful distraction.


28-50 Wine Workshop and Kitchen

2850Maddox Street in Mayfair is dishing up some wondrous wares at their champagne and seafood bar – so prop yourself up on one of the corner stools and indulge à un with a glass of wine from their superb selection; sommelier Caroline will make you feel at home as she chats you through the selection and dine from the main menu or pick some of the fresh seafood on offer.



Arbutus Interior 1Bar style dining in Soho – perfect if you are looking for some Michelin star cuisine. Anthony Demetre’s restaurant also offers quick dining options – great if you are on your own and not looking to linger over a tasting menu. Why not choose from the pre or post theatre menu or the incredible value £10 plat du jour with carafe of wine?



La Porte des Indes



Conveniently located moments away from Marble Arch, La Porte des Indes is a perfect place to spice up your solo dining  La Porte’s enchanting restaurant space, complete with exotic blooms, authentic Indian antiques, artefacts and hideaways makes it the ideal place for a solo diner to hide away or retreat to intimate Jungle Bar and sample the irresistible Indian-inspired cocktails.


Who said going it alone had to be dull?!