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Lush Advent Calendar

Bath bomb fans assemble, LUSH has launched its advent calendar and it smells just as good as you think!

If your idea of a good time is soaking in a tub with a colourful bath bomb, we have great news.

LUSH has launched its advent calendar for 2021 and it’s a glorious box of sweet-smelling surprises.

Before we get into the contents, let’s discuss the box; this year’s edition is huge. A square shape, it is covered in a dark blue pattern adorned with flowers and even includes a handle – just in case you need to travel in December and don’t want to leave your precious calendar behind.

The packaging, made by hand from recycled board and paper, can also be reused or re-recycled and contains 25 products, all of which are vegan and six of which are only available in the advent calendar.

We don’t want to spoil the surprise(s) so we won’t give away too much but expect bath bombs to take centre stage, alongside beauty items and best sellers.

Many of the colourfully goodies are festively-themed, such as the Kris Mouse Bubble Bar, the  Candy Cane Reusable Bubble and the Merry Christmas Shower Gel.

Created by Sally Kelly, a London-based designer, this year’s inspiration is a “magical midnight wonderland” and it certainly hits the mark.

Priced at £185, you can order the calendar online but it is also available to purchase in shops nationwide for the first time ever.

Those who want something a little smaller but who are still keen to treat themselves can try the 12 Days of Christmas gift, at £75.

December has never smelled so good.