Malfy Gin Review

Malfy Gin is distilled in Italy by the Vergano family who have been producing the finest quality spirits at their distillery in Moncalieri for over 100 years. Malfy Gin has four flavours in the UK, made exclusively from ingredients unique to Italy – Malfy Originale, Malfy con Limone, Malfy con Arancia and Malfy Gin Rosa – all distilled and bottled in Northern Italy with the G.Q.D.I. (Gin Di Qualità Distillato in Italia) stamp of origin and quality.  The four variants are bursting with flavour and the taste of 100% natural botanicals.

OnIn.London were sent some samples of Malfy Originale and Malfy Limone so my house mate and I settled in for a night of gin tasting. Now we’ve been seeing Malfy everywhere and it’s certainly a popular Italian Gin.

The website claims their gin emits “Dolce far niente”, the sweet art of doing nothing… Now I’d have to agree with them because sampling gin is always a pleasure and drinking Malfy was no different.

The MALFY ORIGINALE is a classic dry style gin made with Italian juniper and five other botanicals including coriander, angelica and cassia bark. It is blended with Italy’s purest source of mineral water – from the nearby Monviso mountain spring. The gin has a pleasant scent which isn’t overpowering. First taste, you can tell this is a good quality and smooth gin which doesn’t have an strong juniper taste.

The perfect serve is the Malfy Originale & Tonic (Mix a large measure of Malfy Originale with Premium Tonic Water in an ice-filled tumbler. Garnish with a fresh wedge of lime). The tonic water really amplified the citrus and olive flavours of the gin – leaving me with the distinct impression I was sitting in the Mediterranean enjoying a G&T instead of in my living room.

After enjoying the Originale, it was time to try the MALFY CON LIMONE. This gin is distilled with Sfusato lemon peel from the Amalfi Coast, classic Italian juniper and five other botanicals.Also included in this citrus-forward gin, there is the inclusion of Italian coastal oranges and Sicilian grapefruits. I was really excited to try this gin. I always toss up between enjoying floral or citrus based gins, but with the perfume notes of citrus rising from the bottle – I knew I’d be swearing my allegiance to citrus based gins.

This citrus notes of the Malfy Con Limone are quite powerful, that I found myself not needing a garnish in the G&T – sacrilege I know but with a G&T this good why complicate things. Though for purists, add a slice of Italian lemon to really knock your socks off. Now while drinking this gin, I was half way towards booking a trip to Italy just to have a G&T by the beach. It was utterly delightful.

We look forward trying Malfy Con Arancia and Malfy Gin Rosa in the future because if they’re anything as nice as the two we tried… we’re in for a treat.

Malfy Gin can be purchased from £28.00 for 70cl and is available from, Amazon,, Harvey Nichols, M&S, Master of Malt and other good retailers.


Written by Tegan LeBon

Twitter and Instagram: @toogs1