T2 teams up with Another Space to launch their new wellness programme MoTeaVation

T2 are celebrating their new range of feel-good ‘Glow’ teas, and what better way than teaming up with Another Space (Covent Garden-based fitness studio), to launch a campaign to get you feeling energised and full of beans!

MoTeaVation is a series of workouts designed to enrich the body and mind. The yoga and HIIT training infused programme targets five moments during your daily routine where you often need that extra ‘check-in’ with yourself, these simple wellness exercises can be used to simulate the body and mind throughout the day.

These include:
Waking up – A yoga moment to waken and sharpen
“Elevenses” – A HIIT training moment to liven and motivate
The mid-afternoon slump – A HIIT moment to energise, and stimulate
Post-work – A HIIT moment to energise and to alleviate daily stress
Pre-bed – A yoga moment to sooth and stimulate a good night’s sleep

They are releasing a series of videos to help you get involved, or if you want to get involved in person, on 27 January, at 2.30pm, Another Space will be welcoming the public to come and get hands-on with the programme, T2 will be on hand to offer the new T2 Glow range on the day, to help keep you feeling energised and hydrated.

To book a place, call Another Space on 020 7534 2999 (spaces are limited and online sign up will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis).

Another Space website: www.anotherspace.londonT2 website: