Four Winters’ new winter menu


The Four Winters’ new winter menu has got us excited! they have not let us down in continuing to innovate and provide ice-cream which goes beyond our expectations! The new menu boasts spicy and sweet additions catering for all palates, whether you enjoy sticky stroopwafel, zesty orange flavours or a kick of chili.
The four new flavours include:

·       Triple Chili Chocolate – Four Winters’ chili chocolate consists of rich chocolate ice cream laced with spicy marshmallows and chocolate crunchies to create the perfect winter treat. One fiery bite and you’ll be asking for more.
·       Peanut Butter Pretzel – Four Winters’ perfect peanut butter base is mixed with sweet and salty pretzel crunch. This is then topped off with a drizzle of salted caramel to create an enjoyable combination of sweet and salty.
·       Stroopwafel – Four Winters’ delectable, brown sugar ice cream is paired with pieces of crushed waffle cone and salted caramel.
·       Orange Creamsicle – Four Winters’ smooth sweet cream base is paired with sweet and tangy orange zest and with buttery shortbread cookies to create a classic flavor you’re sure to get hooked on.

Four Winters is a new-generation ice cream maker that harnesses the power of liquid nitrogen to create customisable made-to-order ice cream. It brings excitement and leaves your taste buds asking for more!