Mother Clucker DI-FRY Kit review

What the cluck is a fried chicken establishment to do when their street food vendors just can’t serve up their delicious crispy coated strips to their customers during this time? Well if they are anything like the fun filled Mother Clucker, they give the power to you to get cooking at home. 

On In London snapped up one of the King & Queen of chicken’s DI-Fry kits, which includes all the ingredients to make your own mouth tingling strips at home. The pack for 2 includes: Halal chicken (brined in sweet tea), Buttermilk, Mother Clucker’s secret flour mix, Hot sauce, Lime mayo, Slaw, Coriander and Cajun Spice.

In addition to this are instructions to rustle up the perfect southern fried strips, along with the branded take-away boxes and stickers. 

Feeling like taking it the extra mile, we decided to add our own fries to the mix and utilise the cajun spice. We also threw in some brioche buns to try out some of the strips as burgers. This is the beauty of the DI-Fry kit, you can either follow it to the tee, or, once cooked, put your own spin on it. 

Once coated in the buttermilk and secret flour, we relied on the timings provided to cook, which were pretty much spot on. Ok our first couple were a little “over clucked” but we realised that was down to our raging hob which we turned down a little. Not falling “foul” of this on the rest, the chicken was cooked, crispy and tender, and once layered up with the lime mayo and hot sauce, it almost felt like the street vendor had visited us in our own home, 

We say almost, as we don’t quite own the talent to fry up chicken quite like the king and queen, but with this kit they have at least given us a “cock fighting” chance. We would order this again at home, but we may leave the puns to the Mother Cluckers. 

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Written by Rick Hartley 

Photography by Nyla Sammons