New Opening: Bonedaddies Old Street

Having visited Bonedaddies in Soho several times in my time here in London I knew of their delicious ramen. However when we caught wind of their opening in Old Street we saw this an awesome opportunity to try their whole menu.

The interior was lovely as Bonedaddies is, but a bit more modern than their soho branch. They have stuck with the communal dining tables which I think are massive winners, you always enter into a hubbub of chatter and grins.


So we perched our bottoms and settled down to a glass of red Cabernet Sauvignon and a Mi So vodka, shochu, coconut milk, mango, miso, lime and soda cocktail.

So ramen of course was on our radar and we actually opted for the vegetarian mushroom broth (£10) based beastie. Tofu, mushroom, noodles, garlic, thyme, asparagus, pak choi, soft boiled eggs, delish. The vegetarian broth was surprisingly decadent and rich.


We also tried the prawn and braised shitake (£4) and the scallop, sweet potato and shiso kushikatsu (£6), a deep fried breadcrumb delight. Wowzers, so delicious. I actually saved my scallop one till last to savour it. Tender inner and a crispy shell. Divine.




We also accompanied our main with the heirloom tomato salad with garlic shoots (£4). Again amazing. I’m not usually a tomato fan as they are so watery nowadays but these were juicy and flavoursome with a dash balsamic I believe. Rather lovely.

Plus a good old side of edamame (£4) and house kimchi (£4), just for good measure.

To round off our dinner we tried the iced delight mochi. A glutinous rice casing which wraps around a ping pong sized delightful ice cream treat. There were a variety of flavours to try but we opted for mango, salted caramel, chocolate, green tea and cappuccino. My favourite was the sticky decadent chocolate, and my guest loved the sweet green tea.


Such a great lunch. We could really only say great things. Well done Bonedaddies, you smashed it out the park again!

Check the menu out here.

Reporter: Aspen Glencross ¦ @AbiAspen & Mumma Glencross