Opening of PizzaBuzz

Opening of Pizza Buzz

Alphabeta Building, 2b Worship Street, London, EC2A 2AH

Entering the opening of Old Street’s Pizza Buzz party last week I was hit by the wave of excited mingling, eating and drinking folks. Friendly waitresses dished out their range of interesting pizzas to everyone.

By interesting I mean that some pizzas didn’t have cheese on at all. Others were lavished with unconventional vegetable toppings that had no business being on a pizza. Despite this most of the pizzas worked well and they certainly eased my hangover from the previous night’s reckless midweek drinking. Or was it the free prosecco and beer that I was guzzling? Either way I started to feel better.


Pizza Buzz has a self-service experience enabling you to pick and choose exactly the pizza you want. These are wood-fired pizzas made from locally sourced ingredients and can be eaten in the restaurant or taken away. The range of options and ingredients is vast and is enough to suit any dietary requirements or preferences. My favourite was the Honor, which was adorned with pesto, buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, garlic, parmesan and rocket. There are also a range of delicious looking salads (I focussed my efforts on alcohol and pizza), ice creams and even breakfast pizzas.

Ham and pea

The opening was a fun old affair, made more fun by an amusing exchange with a Swedish writer who told me that I had a northern face. Asking what a Northern face looked like she replied that it looked like an emaciated, impoverished rat looking for his next meal. I decided that I liked her immediately although I wasn’t if the feeling was mutual. I did enjoy exchanging volleys of verbal abuse throughout the evening.

Veal meatballs 1mb

Pizza Buzz has a spaciously laid out interior and you can see the pizzas being lovingly prepared in front of your eyes before being fired into the oven. Prices for pizzas are around the £10 mark.

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Twitter: @PizzaBuzzUK


Tel: 020 3815 6696


Written by Martin Stocks | @Stocks1986