Patrón Tequila reveals Brits’ drinking habits

In celebration of International Tequila Day, which was on 24th July 2019 Patrón Tequila reveals that Brits’ drinking habits are more sophisticated than we’re credited for. The top findings are that:
• More than half of British drinkers are more likely to enjoy a tequila cocktail rather than a tequila shot
• Over 65% of drinkers enjoy tequila cocktails on a night out, with the majority of these being Millennial or Gen Z (almost 70%)
• Despite the popularity of tequila cocktails, knowledge on the spirit itself is low, with less than a quarter of drinkers knowing tequila is distilled from agave

In celebration of International Tequila Day on 24th July, Patrón Tequila released results from research commissioned from Onepoll, analysing the tequila drinking culture in Britain with a sample of 2000 drinkers. Surprising perhaps to those that enjoy their tequila in a shot, in 2019 more than 50% of drinkers in the UK, are now more likely to enjoy tequila in cocktails. More than 65% opt for tequila cocktails always, often or sometimes when going out showcasing just how popular the spirit is and the variety of occasions it lends itself to. Today, tequila is also associated with more drinking occasions than just big party nights, with British drinkers saying tequila is best enjoyed over a variety of moments – from being sipped or drunk as an aperitif, in Margaritas on the beach. A striking 41.7% of drinkers responded that tequila is best enjoyed in a cocktail bar during the happy hour.

Although we have developed a finer palate for tequila cocktails and are enjoying it in an increasing variety of ways, there is some work to do when it comes to knowing tequila’s provenance. Only 23% of drinkers know tequila is distilled from agave, the rest mentioning other sources such as grain, botanicals, potatoes or lime, and only 1 in 10 know tequila can have a similar colour to whisky, showing limited knowledge of aged tequilas. When it comes to country of origin, Mexico was the most common response (over 75%), but some respondents also listed Latin America and Spain. This shows there is confusion around the tequila appellation of origin stating that to be named ‘tequila’, the drink must be made in specific regions in Mexico, just like Champagne and Cognac in France.

Keen to try a tequila twist or a traditional tequila cocktail? See below for Patrón’s top recommendations:

The favourite:
Picanté de la Casa at Soho House
This spicy margarita is the most popular cocktail on the Soho House menu across Europe. Available at all Cecconi’s restaurants.

The classic:
The Paloma at Playa, Marylebone
One of the most classic tequila cocktails. It is one of four cocktails featured on a Patrón cocktail menu for International Tequila Day, available at Playa Marylebone, for a week, from International Tequila Day.

The twist:
The Patrón Anejo Old Fashioned at Hovarda, Leicester Square
A perfect tequila twist on an all-time favourite cocktail.
It is one of four cocktails featured on a Patrón twist menu for International Tequila Day, available at Horvada, Leicester Square, for a week from International Tequila Day.

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