Ping Pong Review

PingPong Cov G1-05510Fan of the DimSum? Well if you aren’t already then you need to be. Want really good DimSum? Then you need to check out PingPong. Want an amazing, chilled, and ‘where the F are we’ view on a beautiful sunny Sunday? Then choose PingPong St Katherine’s Dock. No, you can’t play ping pong, its all about the amazing dim sum here!

100% recommend getting a table outside so you can enjoy the relaxing St Katherine’s dock air. (of course if it’s a nice day, you never know with London). We decided to go with their all you can eat Sunday menu. Yes ALL YOU CAN EAT Dim Sum! And gooooood Dim Sum. With a crazy array of choices you are going to feel so so spoilt.

Fried Aubergine

But here are a few recommendations.

Duck Spring Rolls – delicious! Super crispy on the outside and tasty and tangy on the inside, complimented with fresh cucumber. My veggie friend recommends the mixed vegetable spring roll. FYI she ordered it twice. If you are like me and die for buns then Char Siu Bun is a definite recommend. Fluffy is an understatement, it is super fluffy and filled with amazing, delicious honey barbecued pork.


I recommend the below:

Beef dumpling
Crab and Prawn Dumpling
Spinach and Mushroom Dumpling
Spicy Veg Dumpling
Duck and Ginger Dumpling

All in all Ping Pong is a great experience: from the service to the atmosphere and settings. Of course the food speaks for itself. Check out their menus, but the all you can eat is so worth it.

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Written by Alvin Engutsamy