Pott Candles

A new range of refillable candles has launched that are vegan friendly and sustainably made in the UK. We love Candles here at Onin.London so when we heard about Pott Candles, we were instantly intrigued. I mean a refillable candle that when burnt out, you can simply replace it with one of its custom-made candle refills. What’s not to love?

Instead of producing endless glass beakers, Pott Candles come with a lifetime Pott, hand thrown by artisan producers in the UK. Every Pott is designed to be refilled with the candle company’s custom-made candle refills. These are available in four different designs, including white, blush, heather, and speckle. Your first Pott Candle is £45.00 and comes with a refill of your choice. Further refills are just £20.00 each, making these high-quality candles very affordable as you only pay for the candle packaging. 

The refills come in nine different scents, including:

  • Lavendula: Aromatic lavender with hints of clary sage, chamomile, and geranium, entwined with refreshing notes of bergamot.

  • Terra: A rich woody blend of cedarwood and earthy patchouli, infused with geranium, ylang ylang and smooth vetiver.

  • Rosa: Rose with nuances of geranium and orange, all wrapped in a gently spiced base. A freshly picked bouquet of roses in full bloom.

  • Eden: Bergamot and lemon blended with heart of lily of the valley, rosemary, mint, sage, basil, cardamom, and black pepper infused with a vetiver, cedar, and musk base.

  • Fig: A green herbal accord with notes of fig leaves, raspberry, cassis and rich plum along with succulent fruity fig notes blended with a woody base.

  • Orangery: A luxurious verdant scent of aromatic sage leaves and sweet lime supported by a refreshing backdrop of lime tree and garden sage flowers and hints of freshly cut grass.

  • Basil: A refreshing scent of basil, with notes of tarragon, anise, and clove.

  • Seasalt: Fresh marine notes with sea salt, muguet, rose water, white musk, driftwood and amber.

  • Jardin: A luxurious verdant scent of aromatic sage leaves and sweet lime supported by a refreshing backdrop of lime tree and garden sage flowers and hints of freshly cut grass.

An unscented candle is also available and for Autumn and Christmas…. there’s four new scents.

  • Spiced Pomegranate: Pomegranate with red and citrus fruits, warm spices and a base of patchouli, clove and amber. This perfect scent to get cosy with the autumn season.

  • Tonka,Cedar & Patchouli: A smooth, creamy tonka mixed with earthy patchouli and woody cedar. Warming, elegant and inviting.

  • Noel: An exclusive festive christmas scent, combining cinnamon, clove, bergamot and orange.

  • Fir: An exclusive festive Christmas tree scent, combining siberian pine, eucalyptus and woods

On top of the new scents, Pott will also have three new products available for Christmas, including a limited edition deep forest green pot, dinner table holder and candles and an extra large multi wick candle. This candle centrepiece is the UK’s largest refillable candle, with four wicks and weighing 660g. The Christmas range products will all come beautifully in Pott’s special Christmas bags, which have been designed by local artist Mossy Hill.

It is very simple to refill a Pott candle. After the candle has had its 60 hours burn time and there is half an inch of wax remaining in the Pott, let the wax set. Then, place your Pott candle in a heatproof bowl of hot water and the wax will begin to melt at the edges. Gently press down on the wax and it will lift out like a disc. Once all excess wax has been removed, wash the Pott and it is ready for its refill.

The hand poured candles use sustainable rapeseed & coconut wax, natural essential oils and sustainable fragrance oils. They are also vegan friendly. All Pott’s products are made in small batches in the UK. Every Pott is hand-thrown by artisan potters and because of this, no two Potts are the same – they all have their own unique personality.

If you are a prolific candle user, Pott offers a subscription model for £17.00 per month which includes one new refill on each delivery.

Pott also stocks a range of accessories, including adorable MatchPotts containing roughly 50 matches for £16.00 (variable due to handmade size variety). Refills for the matches are also available. Candle care accessories are also available, including wick trimmers, wick dippers and candle snuffers.

We loved our Lavendula Pott Candle. The scent is incredibly relaxing and can’t wait til I can purchase my refill. I’m thinking the Fig Scent next! Pott Candles are available to purchase via

Photos from Pott Candle Website.