Renault’s Journey Back to the 90s: Play, Pause, Rewind

Did you used to race home after school to watch Power Rangers?  Did you know the words to every Spice Girls song?  Did you yell “Nicole,” “Papa!” every time that Renault Clio ad came on the telly? Then chances are you’re a 90s kid, and if you’re hankering for a slice of your youth, then Renault have got the perfect place for you: their nostalgic Play, Pause, Rewind pop up.

To celebrate the evolution of their famous Clio model, Renault have taken over Hogarth House in Holborn to take Londoners back to the 90s.  Think kids party: you can gorge on party rings, Nerdz sweets, and slushies, without your mum complaining about the E numbers; play Twister and challenge your friends to a Pogs duel; and if all that sounds a bit stressful, you can sit and look after a Tamagotchi for a while (remember to feed it!).  While you’re hyped up on sugar, you can bop away to Britney Spears and try to remember all the dance steps to Tragedy.

If the here and now is more your thing, fear not.  The Clio is there to show off its brand new style and there’s lots to enjoy for the thoroughly modern millennial.  Sit and have your nails done, or go selfie mad on their feature wall while sipping on a cold brew coffee, or chomping down on a unicorn cupcake.  And if you’ve long since traded in your Will Smith CD for a Drake download, there will be plenty of current chart hits to dance to in the modern-day zone.

Best of all, it’s all free!  Walk-ins are welcome if there’s space, but if you want to make sure you don’t miss out, just reserve your tickets on Eventbrite.  The Play, Pause, Rewindpop up is open Thursday 2nd August in the evening from 7pm – 9pm and Friday 3rd August from 4pm – 9pm (in two sessions).  So grab your mates, and instead of heading to the pub after work, take a journey back to the 90s.



Hogarth House

136 High Holborn





– Thursday 2nd August, 7-9pm

– Friday 3rd August, 4-6.30pm

– Friday 3rd August, 6.30-9pm