REVIEW: Gousto

It would be ideal to cook from scratch every night, using fresh ingredients and creating delicious meals. However who has the time to do that? I barely have the time to visit the supermarket to buy ready made meals… which is why Gousto was brought to my attention!

Gousto delivers fresh ingredients with recipe cards enclosed, to help you cook a healthy meal at home with little effort, for the super busy and for those that likes the luxury of having food delivered to their house. As a customer you can go online and choose the meals you would like to cook, you can choose from 12 delicious, healthy recipes each week. I choose the Warm, Lemony Lamb Tabbouleh and the Crispy Asian Pepper Chicken. I chose the box with two recipes for two people priced at £27.49 (which is £6.87 per serving). There is also the option to choose the ‘Family Box’ which is dinner for 2 adults and 2 – 3 children. The ingredients are predominantly sourced from UK farms, all the meat is British.

_Y7A2981(The ingredients laid out above are for the two recipes mentioned above)

I received the Gousto box in the morning and I must say it was like a kid receiving a Birthday gift, I was excited to see all the fresh ingredients and my two recipe cards. That evening I opted to cook the Warm, Lemony Lamb Tabbouleh meal for me and a friend.

The meal was very easy to cook and full of flavour, I was happy to discover a new meal I could cook again, and use ingredients I haven’t yet experimented with like the hanout which was used to season the mince meat, used in a lot of Mediterranean dishes. There was even a little bit left over for me to have the next day, which means the portions were generous in size, which is a winner in my books!


Gousto offers a very creative selection of meals, which include meat, fish and vegetarian options, suitable for all tastebuds. What I really loved from Gousto was being able to be creative with cooking, thanks to the new ingredients I was introduced too!

Gousto is currently offering a special price for new customers, get 50% off your first box by using the code SAVE50

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Review by Nyla S.