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REVIEW: MILK Beauty Coconut Oil Full Body Massage

I’m sure I can speak for most women when I say, finding the time to have a pampering massage is the thing of the past! Well that’s until I heard of MILK Beauty, which offers beauty treatments in the comfort of your own home and their prices won’t break the bank either!


Remember the last time you had a massage or facial? mine was early 2015, so when the opportunity to trial out the MILK coconut oil full body massage came about, I jumped at the chance, I’m a huge fan of coconut oil, not only do I use it to moisturise my skin but I condition my hair with it once a week, so Happy days! The booking process is very simple, choose the treatment, select your preferred time slot, pop in your address and then type in your card details.

I finished having lunch with a friend on Saturday and feeling very excited almost skipped home, knowing that in 30 minutes my masseuse would be knocking on my door. That’a right, no commuting to a salon and no waiting areas, just the comfort of my own living room. My masseuse Sharan, arrived with a pop up massage bed, towels and a blanket, while I popped the kettle on and put some relaxing music on, Sharan set up the bed and waited for me to get into a comfortable lying down position, she was very friendly and it took no time at all before I felt at ease.


Sharan started off with a relaxing back massage and when it came to her discovering my knots she massaged them firmly yet still quite gentle, which to me was heaven, it can be painful when someone is tackling a knot and drumming into it. The back massage then lead to a full leg and arm massage, my eyes were closed throughout and I went in and out of a sleeping relaxed state. After mentioning how much I love coconut oil and use it frequently, Sharan kindly offered to massage the oil in my hair as well, it was a nice extra bonus to get a head massage and I can honestly say I was praying for it not to end. Once it ended I felt relaxed and revitalised and my skin felt incredibly moisturised and silky smooth from the coconut oil, nothing could wipe the smile off my face, it was bliss!

This type of service isn’t for the privileged as the prices are very affordable, a back and shoulder massage starts at only £35. Theres a great range of treatments to choose, from manicures, pedicures, massages, facials, waxing and tanning, from 10am until 10pm, 7 days a week.

MILK Beauty also offers a pick and mix subscription, where you can choose from two 30 minute treatments a month for only £65 a month. Now thats what I call money well spent!

To read more about their subscription base or to just book a one off treatment visit Enjoy… We all deserve a pampering now and again.

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Reviewed by Nyla Sammons