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Our skin certainly needs treating especially when you’re living and commuting in a big city! Now we all love this beautiful city we call London, however it’s known as ‘The Big Smoke’, for a reason. It’s pretty polluted and how many of us actually removes our make-up every night? Yes every night!

This is where face masks comes in handy, helping to hydrate the skin, extract impurities, remove excess oils and give you the glow we all crave for every morning when we look in the mirror.

This month I put the Sanctuary Spa – 5 minute thermal detox mask under the spotlight.

When you apply the mask on your face it warms up, giving a tingling sensation, the heat opens pores, allowing charcoal and kaolin to draw out impurities. You leave it on for only 5 minutes which is great for us poor time-management ladies out there, its on and then off in no time at all!

I removed the mask with warm water and used a muslim cloth to remove the excess. On the first use, I noticed how soft my skin felt but no immediate glow, but then again it was only the first use, my skin hasn’t been taken care of in a while. I continued to use the detox mask throughout two months and I have noticed a difference. my skin looks brighter, and it looks and feels more hydrated. After applying the mask I apply toner and moisturiser, allowing my face to get even more hydrated.

What’s even better, this mask is only £10, super affordable, for the savvy ladies out there. It’s certainly a winner in my books.


Written by Nyla Sammons