Spanish Tapas Tour Review

BrindisaMid-June will feature a rare and first time event called the Spanish Tapas Tour. Brought to you by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and Spanish Tourist Office this week encompasses World Tapas Day on the 15th June and brings the popular Spanish tradition of Tapas tours to London in celebration of what’s best about tapas.

The tour involves 10 different cooperating restaurants throughout London all serving one of their dishes alongside with a drink for £7.5. This restaurant hopping is very popular in Spain and Spanish Tapas tour looks to promote this ideology. We sampled three restaurants on the night from the Tapas Tour Passport – ;Hispania, Tapas Revolution; and Sagardi. Hispania provided a very sophisticated and posh feel with an extravagant setting. After enjoying a Rosé we were treated with a Spanish dish called Salmorejo, which was a cold tomato soup containingmackerel and grapes topped with caviar. People who love the flavours of the ocean will love this dish, but I found it a little too fishy for my taste. Secondly, we visited Tapas Revolution and this was instantly the Saturday afternoon vibe I love. Nice casual feel with great food and beer, simple and enjoyable. Here we relished in some Ham Croquettes and washed down the walk with a delightful Spanish beer 1906. This was my favourite dish of all three because the flavours just burst into your mouth and the extra salty flavour was the biggest selling point for me as I love salty dishes and you cannot go wrong with finger food and beer. Lastly was my favourite venue from the night which was Sagardi. This amazing location had the feel of a butchery as you walked through the door, with meat being aged near the entrance. It then opens to a sophisticated cider house feel and you cannot miss the biggest highlight of the place which is the enormous 15 seater Spanish row boat hanging from the ceiling. “Roxario” was served here which was a cod omelette with some bread which was delicious and topped off the night perfectly with a nice white wine. Everyone else’s favourite on the night was the cod omelette but it was just something about the Ham Croquette that sold me. However, meat throughoutSagardilooked stunning and I will definitely berevisiting for a steak sometime, as they looked absolutely incredible

I thoroughly enjoyed this intimate and unique night in London and I am sure you will too between 12th-18th June. Gather some friends, download a passport from the Spanish Chamber of Commerce website and get stamping as you can enjoy some delicious food and drink at a great price.

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Written by Daniel Gibson

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