RUMFEST 2019 Launch Party 


Hidden by its discreet and unassuming entrance, you would never guess that beneath the busy shopping district, houses Burlocks, one of London’s premier rum bars. Descending down the dark stairwell into the dimly lit subterranean prohibition style bar, serving more than 200 different types of rum, Burlocks was the apt place to hold the RumFest 2019 launch party hosted by Ian Burrell renowned global rum ambassador.

When most people think of rum the first thing that comes to mind is Jamaican rum. I’m no aficionado, but I have tasted rum from Cuba, Jamaica, Barbados and Dominican Republic, so my eyes lit up when I saw the vast display of rum from around the globe glistening behind the bar.

With a choice of rum cocktails to choose from, my companion and I started with cocktails made with Angostura Trinidadian rum and aromatic tonic, and a Mai Tai with Wray and Nephew rum. Before the end of the evening we had made our way through Daiquiris, Pina Coladas and Mojito’s. My favourite was the Angostura rum cocktail for its light bitterness and aromatic flavours.

The evening was a lively sociable affair with rum connoisseurs, appreciators and virgins coming together to enjoy, taste and share. I had the opportunity to sample some decadent bespoke hand made cocktail chocolates by Exotic Tramp, 70% Madagascan coco delights infused with floral and fruity accents. I sampled a sweet aromatic Rum and Damson cane, a decadent truffle with pureed fresh pear and white chocolate filling and a bitter sweet Columbian coffee truffle, which was perfectly paired with a dark rum with caramel notes. Exotic Tramp will be hosting a rum and chocolate pairing session at Rum Fest and alongside their usual decadent wares; will be producing a Four Square (Barbados Rum) truffle box.

Ian Burrell Global rum ambassador brought energy to the evening with his clear knowledge and passion for the sweet elixir and ability to entertain. RumFest will be launching a number of new rum brands, and guests were given a sneak preview and the opportunity to sample Equiano, the world’s first Afro Caribbean rum, which launches in Feb 2020 but has already bagged itself 3 international awards.

I love dark rum, so I took my time to allow my senses to appreciate and savor the quality. At 43% its strong but with a distinct sweetness of vanilla and as I let it sit on the palette a symphony of flavours came through. With every sip I detected a different flavor notes caramel, spices, mocha and syrup. It would be perfect on the rocks but also in a Dark & Stormy or as Ayesha (one of the co founders) suggested, in an Old Fashioned.

Equiano is named after Olaudah Equiano (a former slave and abolitionist) mirroring his journey made from Africa to the Caribbean to England. The inspirational narrative and the passion in bringing this distinctive brand of rum to the public is something Ian Burrell and the co founders of Equiano rum company are clearly passionate about. In addition, the company prides itself on giving back through initiatives to support communities and working closely with distilleries to help the industry strive in Mauritius. Ethical and delicious, it’s going to be a strong competitor against established rum brands on the market.

Rum tasting, demonstrations, master classes, chocolate pairing and a carnival atmosphere what more can you ask for? Join the journey of discovery; sip, savour, share and explore your way to Rum Fest 2019

When: 19th to 20th Oct 2019

Address: ILEC Conference Centre 47 Lillie Rd, Fulham, London SW6 1UD

Website: http://rumfest.co.uk

Written by: Eboni Addoh