Sekforde Botanical Mixers At Laki Kane Review

If you’re anything like me, your usual order is a vodka soda with a dash of lime, or a rum and coke for simplicity sake. The fear of ordering a gin and tonic only to be given a long encyclopaedia of different tonics that I can choose from has made me steer clear from anything that could taste remotely nice and refreshing. 

Luckily, Talula White gave all of us a thought and began concocting mixers in her kitchen on Sekforde Street in London – creating four very straightforward mixers for people like me. There’s a prickly pear, fig and cardamom mixer for Tequila&Mezcal; a lime, mint, rose and cacao mixer for Light&Spiced rums; aromatic raspberry, rose and sage for Gin&Vodka; and a Sicilian orange, rosemary and gentian bitters for Whisky&Bourbon. All four are delectable and perfectly paired to their suggested spirit, and if you’re more confident or experimental, why not fiddle around and see what flavours you enjoy best. Great news is that they are wonderfully refreshing on their own, so you can just pop a few ice cubes in and enjoy the sun. 
Whilst originally created for simple spirit+mixer serves, bartenders have been experimenting with Sekforde since the brand’s launch in 2017 – one of the latest additions to the London/Sekforde cocktail scene being ‘You’re Sweet Enough’ at a leading tropical cocktail bar Laki Kane.
You’re Sweet Enough is a brand-new listing on Laki Kane’s menu, made with their very own ‘Spiced Dry Rum’, pioneering a new category in the rum world. The culmination of years of research by the bar’s founder Georgi Radev, containing zero additives and zero sugar, blended with Sekforde for Rum (containing lime, mint, rose and cacao, very mojito-like!), also naturally low in sugar, it’s the ultimate summer rum refresher, without compromising on the taste or calories.

You’re Sweet Enough is now available at Laki Kane so make sure you get down there to try them! We did and we loved it! Sekforde Botanical Mixers can also be purchased from Waitrose (selected stores and online).

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Address: Laki Kane, 144-145 Upper Street, London, N1 1QY

Written by Kellie Erm