If you’re a fan of the Stranger Things, you’re missing out if you don’t venture down to the underground (and upside-down) to visit The Vaults  to see the award-winning, smash hit new parody musical; Stranger Sings!

The show has come from Broadway and is a sci-fi spoof of the hit Netflix series – in all its hair-raising, blockbuster glory.

​Arriving early, you can try some of the delicious drinks and pre-order your interval drinks before taking a trip to Hawkins with all your favourite characters. We recommend the Pina Colada!

I’m just going to say the cast is fabulous! With the actors playing multiple characters, they’re extremely talented.

There was so many pop culture references throughout the show, my friend and I were in stitches. It’s so hard to say what who our favourite characters were but I can say we loved Will the puppet and the songs “Forever”, Crazy” and “Barb’s Turn” had us laughing with tears in our eyes. The dancing demogorgons were also a major highlight!

Jonathan Hogue has pended an amazing show and it’s not one to miss whilst it’s in London. So, hop(per) on your bike and grab your transmitter radio (don’t forget your inhaler); because saving your friends is the answer to this never ending story.

No mouthbreathers allowed.

Opens 5th October | Show starts at 7pm | Tickets from £20 | Run time 90 minutes

For access tickets, please call 0207 401 9603
Recommended age 16+
Latecomers may not be admitted

Photography of Stranger Sings 2021, New York – by Bruce Glikas

Written by Tegan LeBon