StrongHer Women’s Weekend Review

This weekend I was fortunate enough to be a StrongHer women for the Ultimate Strength and Wellbeing  program run by StrongHer, for women only.

With workshops ranging from nutritional advice to motivational inspiration, to kettlebells and yoga to squats and deadlifts and so much more.

From as soon as I walked in the door and meeting one of the founders Sam, the vibe was an upbeat one. Besides the few hiccups they have encountered throughout the week with putting the event together, they were still all smiles and pumped to get started.

Nutritional advice was my first workshop run by Sam herself. She was full of knowledge and had no issues giving us any information we required throughout the time we were with her. As we women can all relate to, Sam has had many struggles herself with being able to fuel her body correctly. With all thoseridiculous trends that are fad diets out there it’s easy to understand why. In the end this is what drove her to her studies of nutrition so she can help educate others. Something I hear a lot, everything should be consumed in moderation or refer to the 80/20 rule.

Kettlebells was next on our list of workshops. I was fortunate enough to have a pretty amazing kettlebell trainer back in Australia and have been a little concerned about trying new places here in London. However, this workshop was great. It was a refresher more than anything for me, but the breakdown process of each exercise was quite similar to what I had already been taught.

Finding your why and keeping you motivated was a highlight for me for the day. This was with Lyanne, Co-founder of StrongHer. The energy of the room was high (they all were to be honest) the excitement, the passion, the raw emotion, the stories and advice were brilliant. I took away a lot from this class. Breaking down why we do things. How each little thought effects our lives. To move our thoughts into a positive direction. Pushing the boundaries on what we think we can do or steppingoutside of our comfort zone is where life truly begins. Learning how to break down goals was great advice I have already passed this on to a friend back home. I will take charge of my life and not just wait for something to happen. As soon as I went home from the event, I did just that. I wrote down all my long termgoals then broke it down into medium and short terms goals for fitness, personal and work. I made sure they were realistic and dated when I want to achieve these. Now it is up to me to follow through.

After such an inspirational, informational and exciting day, it was time to wind down with some yoga. Not your usual yoga, we got to be Ninja yogi’s. Something I actually preferred. More flowing poses. Perfect way to gain some inner-peace and go away feeling relaxed and yet energized enough to take all of this knowledge and do something with it.

Thank you for a wonderful weekend of empowering women.


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Instagram: @strongher_women #stronghersquad

Written by Bec Brodie