The Escape Rooms London


You are the 100th adventurer to enter the Pharaohs tomb. 99 have been before you who tried and failed to find his treasure and escape alive. Solve the puzzles, find the treasure and escape with your lives.

You have 1 hour.

This was how my housemates and I spent one fine and crisp winter Sunday morning. While most were in bed sleeping of the escapades of Saturday night we were immersing ourselves in a crystal maze x tomb raider x Indiana Jones hybrid adventure.


After a quick briefing we were allowed to enter the tomb with 60 minutes on the clock. Before us was a series of puzzles, clues and locked doors to explore and tackle. I don’t want to ruin the surprise however it was really enjoyable, made us work as a team and we got rather bamboozled at times!


All I can say is that 1 hour sped by rather quickly. Unfortunately we did not end up gracing the hall of fame where teams that completed their task within the hour with no more than 3 clues. On the bright sure we did get to wear a melee of Egyptian inspired hats, do some proper Indiana Jones rolling (not sure if this was necessary however we wanted to play the part!) and have a blast.


The escape rooms is an ace way to have fun with friends, team build with colleagues or hang out with your fam. Check out both their Egyptian and oriental games!

The Escape Room

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