The Great Christmas Feast London’s Secret Christmas Dining Experience

After a sold-out debut in 2018, The Great Christmas Feast, London’s secret Christmas dining experience, returns for another epic festive season, from November 22nd to January 4th. Curated by The Lost Estate, London’s makers of live arts and dining experiences, the 2019 edition fuses bewitching theatre, live music, three lavish multi-course dining interludes and delicious Dickensian cocktails into the ultimate festive night out. 

At a secret location moments from Sloane Square, guests will discover a door that leads back in time, to Victorian London and the chambers of Charles Dickens. On entering, they will find themselves entwined in the story of A Christmas Carol, brought to life by a collective of musicians, chefs, mixologists and, of course, Dickens himself. Drink, dine and be merry, immersed in this magical Christmas world.

The story takes place on December 24th, 1843. Dickens is on the brink of finishing his latest novel, but needs to hold one final reading. As his guests are guided to their seats, buried amongst teetering stacks of books and scribbled notes, Dickens stalks amongst them, wrestling with the opening words. At last, he speaks the immortal line “Marley was dead to begin with…” and the evening begins. His words conjure music from the air as live musicians appear amongst the onlookers. They move around the study with Dickens, weaving his words together with carols, folk and original music, transforming the tale into a truly cinematic experience.

mouthwatering feast is soon served, the dishes woven into the fabric of the story itself. The menu, which will be delivered by Temper head chef Neil Rankin and ex-Nopi head chef David Lagonell, will feature dishes inspired by scenes from the novel, using contemporary gastronomic techniques to give steaming and delicious life to classic Victorian recipes. Sample menu includes:

Scrooge’s Supper
Pork Popcorn, Quince & Terrine 
Ebeneezer’s Christmas Past
Charred Mackerel & Apple, Smoked Bonbons, Celeriac, Roasted Filberts & Douglas fir
The Cratchit Family’s Feast
Decadent Sharing Platters of Wild Pheasant and Game, Sausages, Chestnuts, Pears, Roasted Roots and Potatoes.
Tiny Tim’s Yuletide Wassail
Flavours of Honey & Toast, Almonds & Spiced Nuts

The exquisite Victorian cocktail menu will come from the minds behind The Lost Love Speakeasy’s infamous cocktail line up. From cockle-warming hot brews like Nephew Fred’s Apple Toddy Calvados, Clover honey, Lemon, Christmas spice tincture to elegant concoctions like the Chuzzlewit Sherry Cobbler Amontillado sherry, Orange, Mint, Winter Berries, the bar will serve a range of extraordinary (and delicious) drinks taken directly from the pages of Drinking with Dickens, Charles’s grandson’s account of his many boozy nights with a legendary grandfather.

For those in search of culinary delight, bewitching theatre and tantalising drinks, all woven into a true festive night out, there can only be one choice – The Great Christmas Feast.

Tickets available here:


Dates: Tuesday – Sunday, November 22nd – January 4th

Prices: £34-£44 (non-dining); £79 – £109 (dining)

Drinks Packages available: £49 a head for an all-night open bar
Address: The Dickens Residence, 18 Chelsea Manor St, Chelsea, London SW3 5UH