The Star of Kings

Star of Kings Best

Star of Kings is a pub 5 minutes along York Way from Kings Cross Station. I went there on Saturday night to watch the England vs Italy game.


The lively venue has 3 floors with screens on each showing the World Cup games. I had a table booked on the first floor and although this was pretty deserted at first, it filled up for the England game and it had a great atmosphere. It was very rare to able to sit comfortably and watch an England World Cup game without having people blocking your view. My view was blocked only twice, by the same person, and Italy scored immediately both times. Was this just a coincidence or was she a curse, I wondered?


The venue has a small outside area to soak up the last rays of evening sun before you enter the busy bar inside. They serve a decent range of craft beers and ales, alongside the classic lagers and ciders. They serve an interesting range of LA street food, provided by Kome, who are cooking here as a 3 month trial. Great burgers, hot-dogs, tortillas and bulgogi fries are some of their specialities. I didn’t eat here, but each dish looked delicious and I’ll try something next time I visit. Their menu can be seen here.


I’d recommend this as a great place to watch the World Cup games. It has the right blend of busyness and relaxed atmosphere to make it a lively yet relaxed place. I’d definitely book a table in one of the upstairs rooms to enjoy the game sat down, as opposed to the standard jostling for vision you’ll have in any main bar area.


They also have areas which can be booked out for work drinks, parties or most other gatherings.



Address:  126 York Way, London N1 OAX

Tel:           020 7278 9708



Written by Martin Stocks | @Stocks1986