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One Friday the other week I found myself strolling into the Doubletree Hilton in Tower Hill after work, as if it was a regular, everyday occurrence (it’s not, I can assure you) and up to the Skylounge on the 12th floor. Arriving late, not fashionably I might add, just plain late, I walked out of the lift and into an already crowded area full of people all wearing curious badges with names and twitter handles on.

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Yes, it was one of those events, but this was a little different. This was not some corporate get together where there would be discussion of ‘up-staffing’, turnover and acronyms like KPIs, etc… Although I’m sure in the more serious conversations going on in the corners of the various areas there might have been. For me and I suspect for most, the first ever Traverse Mingle (check out Traverse events here:, which was a ticketed, but free event, was just a way to bring together people from all across the travel and blogging world.

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I found out about these sorts of gatherings through a friend who now works at the Lonely Planet, not to drop a name or anything, who knew I was dipping my toes into the writing/blogging world and thought it might be good motivation, not to mention fun. Traverse events consist of bi-monthly Massives which are free and anyone can turn up to. The next one is on 10th July, almost certainly after this will go to publication, but I can’t recommend them highly enough. If you are interested in travel writing, blogging, photography or even just fancy a good chat with some people who’ve been to some interesting places, this is the one for you. Not only that, but check out the amazing views from the Skylounge; a serious perk to going to these things is the amazing venues that sponsor the events and make them all possible.

Traverse Massives are bi-monthly and details can be found here:, not to mention the conferences they run periodically and their latest offering in the guise of Traverse Training. So, if you have ever fancied trying your hand at travel writing, but haven’t really known where to start, I seriously suggest you look them up and maybe you’ll run into me at the next one Massive!

Traverse Massive can also be found at the Twitter handle: @travelmassive




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