Za Review

Pizza Express was founded by Peter Boizot in 1965, with their first site on Wardour Street London. It is safe to say that with 320 restaurants in the UK, that it is UK’s most successful and well-known pizzeria. There are also a further 61 restaurantslocated overseas.

With their latest idea, which was also requested by customers, Pizza Express has now launched their latest brand ZA, a grab and go cafe. Whether you’re in the mood for some bean and eggs, porridge, wraps, salads, coffee or even a slice of their pizZA, giving you the option of brekkie,lunch and dinner to go.

The store opens from 7am till late with the evening transferring to a more intermit affair, the lights dimmed, music playing and alcoholic beverages on offer ZA really has it all. A new venue for those after work drink’s?

Onin.London were there to celebrate with them at their launchand had the chance to sample some of their mouth-watering Pizza. My favourite had to be the Pollo Ad Astra slice which is chicken, peppers, onions, Cajun spices and garlic oil…YUM. You can also opt for ZA-gherita, American hot Vegan Giardiniera and many more.

What will be your slice-to-go?

Address: 5 Fenchurch Place London EC3M 4AJ





Written by Bec Brodie