Zhang Liang Malatang

Build your own Spicy Soup Hot Pot at Zhang Liang Malatang

Situated in the heard of bustling Chinatown is Zhang Liang Malatang. On Shaftesbury Avenue, Zhang Liang Malatang’s hero dish is Malatang, a spicy soup originating from the Sichuan province, which is now a popular street food throughout China.

The restaurant is order at the counter style. You grab your bowl and face the fridges where you can choose from dozens of fresh ingredients, including meats, seafood, vegetables, herbs and noodles. Guests are then invited to customise their bowl before taking it to the counter to be cooked with a soup of your choice.

You’re asked to pick a spice level here. It’s worth noting, this is a naturally spicy dish, so if you’re sensitive to spice, stick to the milder options. Finally you can add your final touches from the condiments section including fresh garlic and chilli if you’d like an extra kick – even the dipping sauce is customisable. The bowl is absolutely ginormous, hearty and wholesome, and we definitely left with a sheen of sweat and happy bellies.

The name “malatang” derives from “mala” (spicy and numbing taste) and “tang” (water/soup boiled). The meaning of malatang is simple: grab whatever you like, put it into a bowl, boil every ingredient you love in a flavourful broth, and enjoy.

The brand itself was founded in 2008 and under the Zhangliang Group. Since, Zhangliang Malatang has rapidly developed into a global restaurant chain brand integrating direct sales, franchise, product R&D, and supply chain management after 16 years of assiduous efforts. They proudly own 28 branches, with more than 100 direct-sale stores and nearly 6,000 chain stores, establishing wide popularity and high reputation in the industry.

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