A Breakfast Club in the Evening

You know when summer comes, the sun’s shining & the weather is sweet? Well unfortunately due to the standard ‘British summer’ at the time of this review that had not happened yet. Athena and I meandered down to the #busseybuilding in Peckham for a #rooftopfilmclub ‘s screening of ‘The Breakfast Club[1]‘, and guess what? It was whizzing it down.

London Rain: STANDARD
London Rain: STANDARD

So I am a fan of the old 80’s movies (The Goonies[2], Indiana Jones etc.), they make me feel proper nostalgic as my cousin and I used to watch them loads as kids (after that we used to pillow fight the bajeebers out of each other WWF style on the sofa until one of us cried, the good old days). However I had never experienced The Breakfast Club so was pretty excited to see if it lived up to the expectations Athena had given me! The #busseybuilding itself was pretty cool, some of the artwork was sick! I’d like to have some painted on my house

Bussey 2Bussey 1We climbed a load of stairs and were greeted with a deck chair filled haven, equipped with food, a loo and a bar. What more could a girl want?

Roof 1 – Exotic seating and beach like bar, at least we can pretend its summer

Roof 2 – We had to do some real elbowing and stealing of candy from babies to get optimal viewing 2nd row seats

Luckily the staff supplied us with a Slanket (A blanket with arms! Which I will be investing in myself) and a very stylish poncho. Word of warning, strategically place your poncho to cover your legs, otherwise you end up with a nice wet patch that looks like you’ve wet yourself.

So the movie was great! Like good old 80’s cheese but such easy watching. Don’t want to ruin it (you’ll have to get your bum in gear and give it a watch!), but it’s 5 kids locked in detention, all from different clicks, all think they’ve got each other down but they’re is ‘more than meets the eye’ and so on. It’s not too deep and ends in a good snog don’t you worry.

BC 2Plus you always fall for the bad boy with the tough exterior but the warm heart (and the locker filled with pot)

The only downside was the incessant rain, buuutttt we’re British and used to it


Do it! A rooftop/outdoor cinema is a summer must in London. I will be back to the Bussey building for another rooftop adventure, or even a club night they host there. The roof was rather scenic with a gorge view of London and overlooking Frank’s Cafe[3] (another of my chomping targets!)

Great view of Frank's
Great view of Frank’s


However a sunshine filled evening may be more pleasant. If you can kidnap Mystic Meg and wangle the weather forecast from her you may be better off! For a final ‘winner’ note, the venue is a stone’s throw from Peckham Rye[4] station the chore of getting home was totally minimised.

I can now say I’m a Breakfast Club enthusiast!

London love @gollumcrackcorn


P.s this derelict building was next to the station, I wonder if there’s an entrance…….next adventure?

Peckham derelict, wonder if I can get in
Peckham derelict, wonder if I can get in