The Magic Pill Mentality


The magic pill is a mentality that exists in the majority of us.  We have an ailment and simply want something to take it away.  The irritation is unbearable and the pain drives us to the doctor.

The magic pill mentality is a learned mindset formed from childhood watching our parents take us to the doctor. The doctor would perform his tests and give a pill for complaint to “remedy”.  This mindset is practiced all the way into adulthood.

As a medical missionary I have had a number of patients who expected me to give something like a herb to take away the pain or problem.  When being told that a part of the remedy is to remove certain items from the diet or an alteration to their lifestyle, such suggestion proves to be a greater curse than the disease itself.

The truth is that bad habits in any aspect of our lifestyle will inevitably bring disease.  Overwork of joints can bring arthritis.  A pill or herb is of no use unless the overwork is moderated.

The notion that we keep our bad habits and expect health to be restored and to receive healing is an insult to the simplest intelligence as it is totally impossible.

True health is found in searching ones life physically, mentally and spiritually for any negative practice that may be a cause.  This is a progressive process. This introspective search teaches us about the true nature of living.  Cause and effect.  That is life in practice.  Cause and effect.

In the end there is no magic pill.

Ask any doctor this question. Is there any drug that can cure a disease?  The answer will be no.  On any medication packet it would be good to read the paper insert which provides all the information you need to know about the medication you are about to take.  There is no cure mentioned there.  Drugs can only mask or remove the symptoms.  The disease is still there.  The drug blocks the channel of expression of the disease.  The disease or toxins will appear somewhere else at a later time. 

Pharmaceuticals are masks.  Whilst they certainly have their place for emergency use they also fuel the mindset of complacency.  This mindset never seeks to take responsibility but wants another party to do all the work.  Ignorance is bliss.

Imagine you are on a boat in the ocean and there is a hole in the base.  Water leaks in.  You will sink unless you do something.  Two key actions need to take place but only one action will suffice.  You can either spend all your energy bailing the water or you can look for the cause of the leak.  Simple logic for all of us would be to plug the hole.  This is the true nature of health.  Medication does not do this.  It only bails the water.  Disease is not a matter of course but a matter of cause.  Naturopaths understand this and use this principle to reverse all disease. 

“Disease never comes without a cause. The way is first prepared, and disease invited by disregarding the laws of health.”  Ellen White.

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Curtis Powell

Health Retreat