Anti Resolution Cocktails


Duck & Waffle launches Anti Resolution Cocktails

January can be a good month or a bad month, and some may say it’s bad due to the restriction of alcohol, caused by those two words we all know so well ‘Dry January’. Well Duck and Waffle are waving goodbye to restrictions and instead celebrating the New Year with a new menu.

Head of Spirit & Cocktail Development Richard Woods created the new menu with decadent ingredients and a new twist on some of the classics, priced at £14 each. Highlights include the Foie Gras & Salted Caramel Martini of Jack Daniels’ whiskey, vermouth blend, salted caramel, maple and foie gras infusion and the Truffle Sour of Monkey Shoulder whisky, citrus, sugar, rosemary and truffle infusion. ​​

Richard Woods also created a virgin cocktails menu, for those that prefer to go down the route of Dry January. Either way they have you covered or your friend covered.

We headed on down last week to try out the cocktails and among our favourites were the Foie Gras Manhattan (Jack Daniels, sweet vermouth, salted maple, foie gras infusion), the White Chocolate Gin Fizz (Bombay Sapphire gin, Milkybar Liqueur, Lemon bitters) and of course the White Russian Mr. Whippy, served as ice cream soaked in alcohol.

Duck & Waffle is one of those decadent and beautiful bar / restaurants, with incredible views and if you haven’t been we all know someone who has come back raving about it. Yes all of the above is true but what struck me was how attentive the staff were and also the ambience in the bar, it was buzzing being a Saturday night, an ideal place to take your loved for a special treat, or to hang out with friends, for a great night out. Duck & Waffle is definitely in our top three bar in London for a night out, and we’ve been to a lot of bars!

Written by Nyla S.