Resident Evil Biohazard Review

IMG_1482As we mentioned last week To celebrate the release of Resident Evil™ 7: Biohazard on 24th January 2017, Capcom announced the opening of an immersive experience in London taking place over four days, from the 20th – 23rd January.

Following a storyline inspired by the new game, Resident Evil™ 7: The Experience will be a 45-minute immersive experience drawing inspiration from the cult game’s return to its survival horror roots.

Participants will be faced with a web of puzzles and clues, including a few unexpected interruptions, as they work together to overcome both visible and unseen obstacles to figure out the truth, and escape unscathed.

Resident Evil™ 7: The Experience will take place in London from 20th – 23rd January and will be free entry for members of the public on a strictly first-come basis. Those lucky enough to grab a slot will go through the experience in pairs, and will also be able to play a demo version of the game ahead of the full game launching on the 24th.

With numbers of tickets limited, those wishing to take part will need to visit the dedicated website to find out how to get a chance to enter.

ONIN London got to attend the press launch for the event and play Resident Evil Biohazard ourselves.

Putting on the VR Headset puts your right in the game and it’s damn scary! My pulse was racing so fast in the 10 minutes I was playing, that I couldn’t keep playing!

With the realistic graphics making me jump and the violence depicted on screen it was too much for me. My friend, however, was that immersed in the game if I hadn’t dragged him away he’d be playing all night!

Unfortunately we didn’t get to visit the escape room to experience the full Immersive Experience. This was probably the bit I was most looking forward to. Despite this, they’re was plenty to keep us busy and entertained.

An improvement to the event would have definitely been to allow guests to pre-purchase the game for delivery. As I’m sure every gamer present would have happily laid down the cash to buy the game after getting to the demo at the event and surviving the escape room.

Further details, including terms and conditions, on how to book The Experience can be found on http://RE7experiencelondon.com
To view the trailer on YouTube visit: https://youtu.be/tgvRt_H_u_0