Aquavit London Release Crayfish Party Box

One of my closest friends is Swedish and whenever she heads back home to visit her family and I’m always insanely jealous of the amount of Crayfish she gets to eat. This year though, whilst in London I got to celebrate the lively Swedish tradition known as kräftskiva with her. Kräftskivais an annual celebration that takes place every August and is dedicated to Sweden’s delicious crayfish.

Complete with colourful party hats, crayfish bibs, and plenty of decorations, kräftskiva brings friends and families together for a seafood feast to remember. This year, Michelin-starred Nordic restaurant Aquavit London has brought the crayfish party straight to London’s door with the launch of its brand new kräftskiva box, available for delivery seven days a week via Supper and Deliveroo. I went to pick the box up and the staff were super helpful, even going as far to help me take it to my waiting Uber.

You can either purchase the one or two-dozen box (priced at £25 and £45 respectively) and each box includes the traditional västerbotten cheese tart by Head Chef Jorjon Colazo, as well as a bold and tangy mustard and dill sauce; roasted new potatoes with dill, and sourdough bread with cod roe butter. OMG everything was to die for! I don’t even know where to start but the food was amazing! My friend and I may have been stealing the potatoes before we even sat down for dinner.

In true Scandi-style, crayfish is best paired with a shot of aquavit – the tradition is one for every claw if you’re up to the challenge! As a special gift, for every £100 spent on your Aquavit London delivery order, you’ll receive two 50ml bottles of O.P Anderson Aquavit free. The Aquavit went down a treat and being an Aquavit newbie, the herbal shots were a new experience. We even learnt some Swedish drinking songs, so the fun didn’t stop all night.

Aquavit also provided us with some Swedish desserts including the lovely Swedish Princess Cake. Not my typical dessert that I would usually go for but it was absolutely delightful and went down a treat with the bottle of white wine.

The delicious crayfish will also be available to enjoy in the restaurant once Aquavit London now that its doors on 24th August, so make sure to book your table now.

Aquavit London – a traditional taste of Sweden in the heart of London is definitely not something to miss and it’s not hard to see why they’ve managed to get so many Michelin Stars over so many years.

Aquavit London
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written by Tegan LeBon