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Beauty in Your Bedroom from bgX

I was pretty excited to try the new beauty on-demand tech service bgX, which launched in London in November last year, so I saved it for a special night out where I could show off the result. Picture this: getting ready in the comfort of your own home and a stylist turning up just as you’ve washed your hair to take care of the rest.

Being someone that doesn’t actually enjoy doing my own hair, this sounded like the perfect solution, and something that could turn my “getting ready” process into an enjoyable experience from start to finish. Who doesn’t love being pampered, right?

The App allows you to call a stylist 30 mins before you need them, so you don’t even need to plan too far ahead – so far, so good.

Hannah arrived very promptly at my door accompanied by her box of tricks, and after setting up in the living room, she got to work. She asked me what I was going for and showed me the looks available that are all displayed on the App. There’s a wide variety to choose from and after much discussion, I opted for the ‘retro waves’. You can view this style and all of the other looks here.

Hannah informed me she was from a salon based out in Knightsbridge called Beauty Spot, and they had recently started working with bgX in London. She was super attentive and really understood how to style my hair so that it didn’t look too “poodle-like” (my biggest salon pet hate), so I was very pleased with the end result.

The cool thing about the App is that it allows you to pick the salon and stylist you want, so as the bgX salon network grows, so will the access to your favourite hairdressers at home. They’ve partnered up with Uber, who then bring the stylist to you, and that is all included in the price. They also have expanded into beauty and nails, which is quite dangerous for my bank balance! Prices for hair start from £45, nails from £50 and makeup from £70, depending on which salon you choose.

I really enjoyed the experience of having a stylist come to me with zero hassle, and to top it off, my hair looked amazing all night. I’d definitely use bgX again for a special occasion, and I also think it will be really fun to use with a bunch of friends getting ready together. It’d mean less “getting ready” time and more time for drinking prosecco, which is something you wouldn’t catch me complaining about.

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Simran Maini-Hoskins